Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Create an Event, Attract Customers

A college acquaintance of mine is marketing a game called "Keep It Real." She arranged for it to be a part of a special event at Borders (happening tonight). I thought I'd share the event with you to spark a few ideas.

"Do You Have Game," the event taking place at the Borders in Columbus Circle, will feature a night of fun and games, games like "Keep It Real."

In your marketing, try to think of a creative event like this one, an event that can take place at a recognizable location and can involve something that will attract customers, such as a free product demonstration. In this case, anyone who goes to the well-known, well-placed Borders in Columbus Circle in NYC can play the game "Keep It Real" for free.

And always remember to put your event out for everyone to see. My friend put the game night on Facebook as an event and invited her many friends. She also created a video ad and put it on YouTube.

What are you doing to give customers a fun time? What kind of events do you plan for your business? Is it appropriate and useful to give away free products or to allow customers to experiment with products?


  1. Aw..thanks for blogging about this Harmony! Actually, the creator of the game, Leslie arranged for the event to be at Borders. I just got the word out in all the ways you explained. Thanks again! Hope all your endeavors are going well.


  2. Also, "Keep It Real" was the only game we played last night. It was arranged to celebrate the game's retail debut and Borders NYC locations. If any of your readers are located in New York, there is another "Do You Have Game" event this Saturday at the Borders Kips Bay location.