Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making your "Peeps" feel important

A balanced diet keeps you healthy. A leader that makes employees and other audiences feel special by balancing visiting and speaking at their events and talking to them in person with all his or her work makes for a happy company and happy customers.

It's all about making your "Peeps" (in honor of Easter) feel special.

For example, I attended a reception last week held to honor Biola University athletes. The university president, Barry Corey, attended and gave a short speech. He also hosted a dinner at his home a few weeks ago for campus leaders in Associated Students, Student Missionary Union and The Chimes student newspaper. As news editor of The Chimes, I was honored to attend. I felt very special after the DBC (as we fondly call him) took the time to talk to me personally. Students at Biola are on very good terms with DBC, as well. One student even started a clothing line for him.

How are you making your "Peeps" feel special?

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