Monday, November 15, 2010

Adapting to the Changing Times: Becoming like Proteus

According to a blog post by Jayblock Companies, the god Proteus was known for two things:

  1. "He was able to foretell / predict the future and…

  2. He was able to change, adapt, and acclimate himself to successfully meet and thrive in the future that he envisioned."

While the blog post focused on the application of this to the job market, I find that this has equal application to public relations and marketing. Far too many companies are reluctant to change with the times. Newspapers have gone under because of their leadership's unwillingness to adapt and use modern technology.

Most companies cannot survive without using social networking and other technology based methods to function and to reach their audiences. Some may survive because their target audience doesn't care as much about modern technology, but most will find that their target audiences do care about social media and the internet. If your audience uses Facebook, so should you. To neglect such an outlet would be to neglect the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. Like Proteus, we must adapt to the changing times.

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