Monday, November 8, 2010

Interacting with Your Public: Disney Memories and User-Generated Content on Facebook

Many news outlets have made themselves more successful by pursuing and allowing citizen journalism. It seems Disney Resorts has had a similar idea. The company has created a Facebook page design specially for Disney fans to share their Disney parks memories in the form of text, photos and videos.

Called "Disney Memories," the application gives the average everyday person the opportunity to feel in charge, to feel special, to feel, as Mickey Mouse would put it, like they're in the "happiest place on earth." Marketing and communications people can put out all the promotional material want, but when they give guests the chance to share and relive their magical moments, they gain fresh material, attract new customers with positive testimonies and please old customers who are likely to be inspired to revisit a Disney park after reliving their experiences there through the Facebook application.

This is something any organization can learn from. People love to relive memories. They love to tell stories. They love to interact with others through their stories. Interaction is key to any successful marketing campaign. Public relations has the word "public" in it for a reason. We're there to interact with the public and create positive experiences for the public so that our key target audiences develop positive feelings toward our companies.

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  1. What a great way to keep customers thinking about your business. I like that whenever I go back to Disneyland, I can still go on some of the rides that were my favoritess 50 years ago -- the Jungle Boat and the Mark Twain.

    Also Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I was so proud of myself the first time I went on it without getting scared and crying. But then, that time, I had to be brave for my daughter.