Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8 Must-read articles on Google+

Obviously, Google+ offers the same social networking abilities that Facebook offers. But it has its own unique qualities, as well, and they could mean something for marketers, public relations specialists, photographers and reporters.

Here are eight, must-read articles on the uses and potential of Google+:

1) HubSpot has the low down on all of the Google+ features
2) PR News reports on the PR uses of Google+
3) The Future Buzz reports on the marketing and PR uses of Google+
4) Chris Brogan talks about 50 current and future possibilities for Google+
5) The Next Web gives some advice on how to turn your profile into a photography portfolio
6) Chris Brogan gives some advice on how to use Google+ as a blog
7) Sprout Social Insights reports on the possibility of Google+ business pages
8) Read StarBright Business' summary of the pluses and minuses of Google+

What do you think Google+ offers your business or brand?

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