Thursday, July 7, 2011

Google renaming Blogger and Picasa

Google plans to rebrand the Blogger and Picasa brands as Google Blogs and Google Pics, according to a recent report by Mashable.

I don't think it's a very smart move on their part. Good branding doesn't necessarily equal putting a well known brand's name on every thing. Just read Ries' 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (

I see the Picasa and Blogger logos, and their names are programmed into my brain. Google will have to reprogram everything in the consumer's mind now.

Of course, it's not that big of a deal and shouldn't hurt them too bad since the products are all very different, so it's not like Coke Zero stealing business from regular Coke.

But, still, Google Pics and Google Blogs aren't very memorable names. If they want to succeed, they'll have to bet on the success of the Google name. Luckily, they're already very popular, so they may not have to deal with any problems for a while, if at all.


  1. I agree. Blogger (or blogspot) is far more memorable than Google Blogs. Blogger is simple and clean. It conveys a single idea: blogging. Google Blogs violates the KISS principle. It conveys a complex idea: A conglomerate that enveloped a great web service. Reminds me of Jabba the Hutt swallowing the frog creature.

    Besides, my blog is my blog, not Google's.

  2. Hey, I can read that shade of blue on the side. Kudos to ya!