Saturday, January 29, 2011

Live streaming of concert with Matthew Morrison of Glee

Talk about a great way to get viewers to like your Facebook page. Oscar Mayer is hosting a live Matthew Morrison concert in less than 30 minutes. The event has its own tab on Oscar Mayer's Facebook page, and if you're at the page, you might as well "like" the Facebook page. I mean, who doesn't enjoy breaking outinto song: "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener!"

I don't think Morrison (Will Schuester onGlee)will be singing that song in his concert, but it's still a clever concept. The tab even includes a live chat below the video streamer for viewers to discuss the concert. As of now, there are 340 viewers and counting.

This is great publicity for three businesses:

  1. The Grove - a shopping center in LA where the concert is located. From what I've read, the center has had some financial troubles and hasn't thrived as much as it could. Concerts like this help keep it alive and well.
  2. Oscar Mayer - the concert stream brings traffic to Oscar Mayer's Facebook page and gets its admin guest appearances.
  3. Matthew Morrison - free publicity for his upcoming album - positive public relations based on charity donation mentioned at the concert.

Live streaming is growing in popularity. YouTube has the concept down with its live concerts (YouTube Live).

Where else have you seen live streaming? How can you use it for your benefit?

*Update (12:40 p.m.): The channel has gone offline. Looks like it was caused by technical difficulties (which also caused it to start 10 minutes into the concert). Fans are not pleased, as evidenced by their comments. Not good public relations for Oscar Mayer.

*Update (12:20 p.m.): 20 minutes in there are over 1,600 viewers at the free concert happening at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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