Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Newsletters Part 2: Use simplicity to sell your product

Women of Faith knows how to produce a good e-newsletter. Not only do they provide regular devotionals and other encouraging articles from well-known writers and speakers, but they also make it easy to shop for their products. Several of the emails they send out every year focus on products alone, while other content-driven newsletters include links to the Women of Faith online store.

More often than not, newsletters focus on the public relations goals of improving the customer's perception of the company and improving customer knowledge of and interaction with the company, but newsletters can still market or sell the company, as well. The more the customer likes the company, the more likely the customer is to buy the company's product. And newsletters serve as a facilitator that allows you to make it simple and easy for customers to find and buy your products.

For example, a recent Women of Faith newsletter included the following graphic:

What do you add to your newsletters to remind customer's of your products?

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