Thursday, February 10, 2011

Branding with an extra layer of love: Delicious Girl Scouts cookies

I bought some Girl Scouts thin mint cookies the other day. They were delicious. Not any different in flavor from the store-bought chocolate mint cookies or the healthy version my mom buys, but far more delicious.

Why are Girl Scouts cookies so much better than store bought cookies? Remember when your mom used to make you a sandwich with an "extra layer of love"? I do. The Girl Scouts brand, not to mention the cute young girls who sell the cookies, give the Girl Scouts cookies that extra layer of love.

Girl Scouts has built a name for themselves. Everyone knows who they are - far more than they know about the Boys & Girls Club of America. Not only has Girl Scouts branded themselves with that memorable green logo and publicized themselves through their contributions to the children
of the world, but they have also put their name into the mind of every cookie lover in America. That's successful branding for you.

I could ask you what you've done to successfully brand your company, but I think I'll just ask the fun question: What's your favorite Girl Scouts cookie?

P.S. Mine is Thin Mint

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  1. Girl Scouts is a spin-off of the Boy Scouts. They reach all income groups with the goal of training youth in leadership and life skills. Boys & Girls Clubs started as Boys Clubs, a charitable outreach to impoverished youth in order to keep them out of trouble. Therefore, the brands and customers are really quite different. The important point, however, is that Thin Mints RULE!