Friday, February 4, 2011

David Meerman Scott on dealing with negative comments

David Meerman Scott writes on HubSpot that negative comments should be dealt with.

Too many companies try to hide instead of fix their faults. It reminds me of classes where teachers tell us to give and take constructive criticism so that we can become better students and be better at our chosen fields.

In the business world, it's important to monitor what others say about you so you can take constructive criticism and turn it into something positive. I personally prefer Google Alerts.

If we were all spoiled brats we would never grow up and we would never live and learn. That kind of life is an unpleasant one, and, more often than not, catches up to us. Not to mention that ignoring negative comments only leads to a negative public perception, something that will not allow your company to fully succeed.

David reminds us not only to deal with constructive criticism and negative comments, but also leaves us with the important reminder that not all negative comments are worth worrying about. Some comments are pure bullying and can be ignored.

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How do you deal with negative comments? How do you use negative comments to create positive results in your marketing strategies?

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