Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Media effects on society

I speak from experience saying that past reviews influence present reviews. I've written tons of movie and book reviews, and have often modeled them after previous reviews while providing unique content based on my own honest opinion.

Taken to an extreme, this can lead to "group think." It's a factor in the many debates over just how much media can influence the trends, issues, and individuals of society. The issue of how media affects society is also the basis for several of the journalism and public relations classes I have taken dealing with philosophical and ethical scenarios and issues.

The messages and information you publish and contribute do influence people. Is that unethical? Is it ethical persuasion? What about the negative effects of a negative story about something like a crime?

Does copy cat crime justify wiping out media entirely? I don't believe so - there will always be a need for information - but there's a lot more to consider than I have time or room to write about here.

What is your take on media influence? How have you dealt with and encountered the issue?

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  1. As the sources of news, the media shape our perception of the world. Opinion polls don't reflect American's core values so much as they reflect how well the media have shaped our awareness and our perceptions. Were the media truly objective, our country would be far more conservative. Fox News only succeeds because it filled a gap left by the other networks.

    Only two reasonable responses exist: Seek out sources of news that balance out the majority and shed as much light as possible on the filtering and twisting perpetrated by the mainstream.