Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Public Relations versus Marketing Part 1: Integrated Communications

My understanding of public relations is a constantly expanding and changing one, especially in light of what the profession is compared to Marketing, Advertising and other similar communication professions. In many ways, all these elements have been integrated. Biola’s University Communications and Marketing is one example of integrated marketing and public relations. They don’t even call it public relations. UCM has an event planner, a media relations person and a group of professionals overseeing various Biola publications including the Biola website and Biola’s social media efforts.

My recent internship with Sierra Repertory is another example of integrated communications. I worked under a one-person marketing department. My supervisor performed all the duties of the typical public relations professional and more, yet she was given the title of Marketing Director. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding of what marketing is, or maybe marketing and public relations are more alike than we realize.

Are marketing and public relations similar? The same? Integrated? What's your take?

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